15%, 2012-present

15% is a performative installation by Salla Salin and Timo Rissanen that addresses the global fashion system: an industry interconnected with both human and ecological systems. The installation creates a production line in a gallery. A performer, working on the production line, makes white t-shirts. The whole process, from cutting the fabric to ironing the final product, is put on display. Each shirt is numbered, the off-cut waste is packed boutique-style and the shirt is prepared for retail, as a by-product of the waste. 15% was originally part of the Boutique – Where Art Meets Fashion exhibition in Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki, curated by Annamari Vänskä. This exhibition was also part of the Helsinki Festival and World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programmes. Since 2012 15% has been exhibited in the US, Japan, Germany and New Zealand.

2012 and 2013 performances by Janelle Abbott.