Zero-Waste is Sexy at Indianapolis Museum of Art

Tomorrow night I am honoured to speak at the Indianapolis Museum of Art as part of the Indy Talks series. I’ll be sharing the stage with Michael Bricker, founder of People for Urban Progress; I’m particularly looking forward to hearing how the organization is dealing with five miles of Superbowl fabric!

My talk focuses on waste in fashion but more than previously, I make the connection between fashion waste (both pre- and post-consumer) and all waste that we, humanity, are creating. The way the fashion industry is wasteful with fabric (pre-consumer waste, my focus for the past eight years) has parallels in how humanity (that’s all of us) is wasteful with a whole lot of things, including fashion (post-consumer waste). Transforming one will transform the other. I propose, let’s start with humanity; get to work with me. In my talk I will share about Local Wisdom, a research project on user-level innovation in fashion that Dr Kate Fletcher has been working on for over three years, and that she wrote about in my book with Alison Gwilt, Shaping Sustainable Fashion. Fletcher’s book with the ever-inspiring Lynda Grose, Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change, came out a couple of months ago (London folks, the launch is next week!) and I thank both for constantly expanding my vision as well as the quiet, nourishing conversations. I’m honoured and excited to work with both on Local Wisdom during the next two years!

So, if you’re in Indiana, come along to the Indianapolis Museum of Art tomorrow (Thursday) night at 7pm! If you’re not, I request you change your plans and come along, too! Let’s get this conversation really going; the solutions to the problems we’re facing will require all of us, and I invite you to join me now. More details and registration information is available here.

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