Fibershed: Community Supported Cloth

If you’re not familiar with Fibershed and need some inspiring reading in these uncertain times, dig in; I’ve followed Fibershed’s work for some years from a distance. Since August I have had their Fine Fiber and Wool book, above, on loan to show my students and share with my colleagues. I was lucky to meet with Fibershed, including one of the farmers, when they were in New York in October. One farm at a time, the work of Fibershed transformsRead more

Craft of Use event

The Craft of Use event, concluding the latest phase of the Local Wisdom project, in which Parsons participated under my lead, took place at the Center for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion, in March. Kate Fletcher and Katelyn Toth-Fejel have done a tremendous job in creating a record of the day, available here. The day left me with an unwavering sense that change is already here, though I don’t expect to run out of work before I reach retirementRead more

Local Wisdom Melbourne

Concluding (for now) a series of photo shoots that started in San Francisco and Kolding, followed by London, Vancouver and New York, and Wellington last week, this Saturday Melbourne will be host to the Local Wisdom shoot. Come and tell the team how you use your clothes, and please spread the word!Read more

Zero-waste in Financial Times

Thank you Lucie Muir for highlighting Shingo Sato, Julian Roberts, Juliana Sissons, Thomas Mahon and I in the Financial Times yesterday. Reading the article has left me reflecting on what it is that we collectively do. Of course I cannot speak for my esteemed company, but the kind of fashion design that dominates – the illusion, the myth – of a fashion designer producing a sketch, artist-like, which then is translated into a garment by mostly invisible hands, has neverRead more

Local Wisdom New York: stories and photos are now up

January 26, 2013, is one of my favourite days in my three years of living in New York City. That Saturday was the day of the Local Wisdom shoot. Myriad challenges arose in the lead up to the day and yet one by one we tackled them. The day was a great success, and for me, a memory to savour. Ellinor Stigle was a dream to work with; she was the incredible photographer we worked with. Have a look atRead more

Craft of Use

The Craft of Use website is now live; it contains the ideas around craft of use that Kate Fletcher has developed over time. The site is also somewhat of a mother ship for Local Wisdom. For me, the page Roots and Branches is particularly resonant as it spells out so many thoughts that we as the fashion industry are not discussing yet, and we as fashion consumers haven’t perhaps realised yet. The way we consume the web is mostly veryRead more