Fibershed: Community Supported Cloth

If you’re not familiar with Fibershed and need some inspiring reading in these uncertain times, dig in; I’ve followed Fibershed’s work for some years from a distance. Since August I have had their Fine Fiber and Wool book, above, on loan to show my students and share with my colleagues. I was lucky to meet with Fibershed, including one of the farmers, when they were in New York in October. One farm at a time, the work of Fibershed transformsRead more

Sample sale Friday 29 January 2010 at Tribeca Grand Hotel

[Updated Monday 25 January- see bottom of post; thank you Deanne of Dream Sequins!] A group of fashion, jewelry and homewares designers, some of whose design practices are fundamentally informed by sustainability, is having a sample sale at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. The details are: Date: Friday 29 January 2010Time: 5-9pm The designers: ULURUBliss LauDoo.riH. FredrikssonIdee├źnKim SeybertMary MeyerMeg CohenRistoSectaStudy NY by Tara St. James My thoughts on these things? By finding a treasure or three at sample sales such asRead more

from a camel’s toe to an elephant’s vulva

This has nothing to do with anything but had me in stitches, and it sort of does relate to patternmaking, and Kathleen points out an important aspect of sustainability: beauty. Of course it’s subjective and in the eye of the beholder, and while I see beauty in the processes and the skills employed to create the final outcome, it’s there that I don’t see any. If this appeared on a dark street, I would run. The outcome reminds me ofRead more


Some great news from Hong Kong that will hopefully have a considerable impact in China, too, over time. Still from Ecotextile News, more great news, about hemp getting the green light, finally, in New South Wales. The Sydney Morning Herald article from yesterday is here. I can personally attest to the high quality of some of the hemp fabrics out there, and look forward to one day of being able to use locally grown hemp. On local, a friend worksRead more