Cloth Cultures: Future Legacies of Dorothy K. Burnham

I am thrilled to be a keynote speaker at this conference next year, on the late Dorothy Burnham at her ‘home’, the Royal Ontario Museum. Discovering Cut My Cote was such a validating moment for me during my PhD (thank you both Kathleen Fasanella and Dr Alexandra Palmer for pointing me to it) – to find someone who had been thinking about the same issues decades earlier, albeit in a different context. As with the Fashion Doctors lecture at ROMRead more

Call for Papers: Creative Pattern Cutting 2016

I look forward to seeing you in Huddersfield in February 2016! MLS Pajamas by Timo Rissanen, 2011. Photograph by Mariano Garcia of iloveshoot The second international conference is designed to promote contemporary research into the art of creative pattern cutting and its significance to the fashion industry. The conference provides a platform for pattern cutters, fashion designers, students, and educators to explore the impact and direction for creative pattern cutting. The conference aims to: Encourage discussion of new methods andRead more

Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches – free book!

Aalto University has published an excellent book, edited by Kirsi Niinimäki, titled Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches. Where there were really no books before 2008, there are now many, some of great value, others of less. I’ve so far read two chapters and glanced through all of them, and I think this book adds value to the conversations, through precisely focused and thoroughly researched chapters. The absolute best thing about this book? You can download it for free! Click on theRead more

Nordes 2015: Design Ecologies

NORDES 2015 Design Ecologies Challenging anthropocentrism in the design of sustainable futures Konstfack – University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. Stockholm, Sweden Sunday 7 – Wednesday 10 June 2015 Call for Submissions Design hinges a natural-artificial continuum through humans’ natural capacity to produce what we call ‘the artificial’. At a time when human activity is threatening biodiversity and causing severe climate change, it becomes obvious that natural and artificial systems can no longer be conceived in isolation but onlyRead more

Textile Toolbox

For the past 18 months I’ve been a contributing writer to Textile Toolbox. My third and final post is now up, on fashion design, time and waste. Textile Toolbox is TED’s web platform project with MISTRA in Sweden, aimed at creating systemic change within the fashion industry through ‘interconnected design thinking and processes for sustainable textiles and fashion’. Textile Toolbox brings together an amazing array of researchers across a range of topics relating to fashion and textile sustainability. In theRead more

Craft of Use event

The Craft of Use event, concluding the latest phase of the Local Wisdom project, in which Parsons participated under my lead, took place at the Center for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion, in March. Kate Fletcher and Katelyn Toth-Fejel have done a tremendous job in creating a record of the day, available here. The day left me with an unwavering sense that change is already here, though I don’t expect to run out of work before I reach retirementRead more