Fibershed: Community Supported Cloth

If you’re not familiar with Fibershed and need some inspiring reading in these uncertain times, dig in; I’ve followed Fibershed’s work for some years from a distance. Since August I have had their Fine Fiber and Wool book, above, on loan to show my students and share with my colleagues. I was lucky to meet with Fibershed, including one of the farmers, when they were in New York in October. One farm at a time, the work of Fibershed transformsRead more

polyester recycling and plastic bottles

Before I got a permanent bottle for water, I was averaging buying one or two bottles of water a month. It wasn’t too bad considering I drink between one and three litres a day, depending if it’s a gym day. I bought a water filter last year which made tap water heaps more drinkable. Recycling is all well and good but when you think about the non-renewable raw material and the amount of energy that goes into one plastic bottle,Read more

more fabrics! and two milestones

The fabrics from KimoYES arrived on Friday and I’m very pleased and excited: they’re simply divine. What’s even better, Jill from KimoYES emailed me with as much background to each one as she could. I’m not alone in thinking that designers and manufacturers have a power to encourage a stronger consumer engagement with a garment, which in turn might get consumers to want to hang on to their garments for longer, caring for them better, maintaining and repairing them (orRead more


Last night two fabrics from Hemp Gallery were waiting for me when I got home: Denim, of 55% hemp, 45% cotton (not organic or otherwise less damaging; just plain old naughty cotton, I presume):Satin, of 60% hemp, 40% silk (of the type where the worms die, unfortunately): Both are a very nice quality, with selvedges that I can easily incorporate into the garments externally. The denim has what some would regard weaving faults all through it, namely discontinuous warp yarns,Read more

from a camel’s toe to an elephant’s vulva

This has nothing to do with anything but had me in stitches, and it sort of does relate to patternmaking, and Kathleen points out an important aspect of sustainability: beauty. Of course it’s subjective and in the eye of the beholder, and while I see beauty in the processes and the skills employed to create the final outcome, it’s there that I don’t see any. If this appeared on a dark street, I would run. The outcome reminds me ofRead more

if in South Australia in July 2009…

…consider attending Winterworks, an “international ecologically sustainable bush textiles symposium”. The symposium will take place in the Mount Lofty Ranges in SA between July 12 and 17, 2009. India Flint, an Australian textile artist known for her works using Australian Merino wool and plants, has more information here. The setting certainly looks stunning; let’s keep an eye out for the call for papers.Read more

greenwashing: cotton

Courtesy of another Google alert came this:“Essentially, all earth friendly fashion is biodegradable. 100% cotton is very appealing to most earth friendly fashion customers who wish to look chic and help the environment. If you’re interested in the latest earth friendly fashion made of 100% cotton, take a look at some of these featured 100% cotton items of eco-friendly apparel below.” Ok, the blog exists merely to promote a brand, Jag Apparel. And maybe Marissa2007 really does think cotton isRead more