Documents and Pictures

#communication, the cross-stitched sampler I created last year, will be part of Documents and Pictures, a juried exhibition of the San Diego Art Museum Artists Guild. The exhibition takes place at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts. Documents and Pictures runs February 2-25. I would be thrilled if you visited the exhibition! Poway Center for the Performing Arts Address: 15498 Espola Road, Poway, CA 92064Read more

#communication as a book

#communication, my cross-stitched social media messages from last spring, is now a book. A colleague suggested the medium, and I see why: the posts open up in a new way through print, and by the juxtaposition of messages opposite each other, which were simply determined chronologically: Blurb allows for a preview of the entire book; I hope you enjoy it.Read more

An irregular decade

That’s right, this month marks 10 years of this very irregular blog. It began on the suggestion of my then PhD supervisor, Dr Cameron Tonkinwise. The brilliant man was spot on; it has become one of the best things I did as part of my doctoral project. You see, it was through this blog that I met Holly McQuillan. Here I’ve been able to experiment with ideas about fashion and sustainability, about creativity and originality in fashion, and in recentRead more